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Head-Coach Oliver Velevski promoted to RKC Team-Leader Germany

//Head-Coach Oliver Velevski promoted to RKC Team-Leader Germany

Head-Coach Oliver Velevski promoted to RKC Team-Leader Germany

Thanks for all the support! Here’s the original posting from CEO of Dragon Door – John Du Cane:

I am pleased to announce the promotion of Oliver Velevski to the position of RKC Team Leader for Germany, another superb addition to our German Dragon Door leadership! Here is Oliver in his own words:
Today, I can look back on twenty years of training experience as a competitive as well as recreational athlete and nine years of experience as a personal trainer. As such I spent more than 8,000 hours leading personal trainings, group trainings and workshops. I was lucky to learn from the crème de la crème of the fitness industry. Currently, I am studying Applied Health Promotion and Applied Nutritional Science and am simultaneously developing top quality gym equipment for professional and recreational athletes. I have been able to help hundreds of people to focus on their physical activity and nutrition and integrate these aspects into their everyday life while always concentrating on the desired results.
I give lectures in the field of health management and offer profound solutions to optimize the work-life balance through nutrition, sport and a positive mindset. Main-Fitness by Oliver Velevski is a pioneer in the field of functional training thanks to the RKC Hardstyle Kettlebell Training, Ring Strength Training, Gymnastics Strength Training and the continuing assessments from which our clients in and around Würzburg benefit. Quality will always prevail—Position Pattern Power is my guiding principle.
The RKC I (obtained 2014 ) and RKC II (obtained 2017) certifications and the excellent coaches had a significant influence on my career. In 2013, for example, I was able to treat a Slap II lesion of the right shoulder with the help of the Kettlebell Turkish Get Up. Every physician I had consulted before advised me to undergo surgery. I am sincerely grateful that Master RKC Robert Rimoczi has built such a strong community in Germany and I am given the trust to further strengthen and develop this community as a RKC Team Leader in and around Würzburg.
The internal personnel development is just as essential to me as at my location every coach at least holds a Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification (HKC). Furthermore, in this year our instructors will get certified by the “Russian Kettlebell Certification“ (RKC). I would like to thank John Du Caneand Andrea Du Cane as well as the entire Dragon Door team. Dragon Door establishes quality and sustainability as a core element in the fitness industry thanks to its excellent instructors and its teaching methods in the field of Fitness and Health. I would also like to say thank you to my coaches: Prof. Dr. Stuart McGill, Christopher Sommer, Max Shank, Daniel John, Robert Rimoczi, Steve Maxwell, Danny Kavadlo & Al Kavadlo, Andrea Jackson DuCane and my very first coach Karl “Charly” Freninger.


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